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What if in a future time, on a new system of planets, humanity has a second chance to learn to live in harmony with the Creator, creation, and one another?
A remnant of the Knights Templar, known as the Fidelian Knights tries to maintain the balance of justice, knowledge, and faith. These Fidelian Knights have united with the Commonwealth Alliance in a struggle against the rising evil of the Juntonian League and their elite mercenaries, the Varangian Guard.
The struggle has found its way to the peaceful planet of Hyperborea, where legendsA of Dragons have spread throughout the entire Elysium system. Will the forces of good overcome the rising forces of evil? And, what of dragons, could they be real?

Follow, young Skylar and his friends into an adventure of discovery and salvation.

DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA  Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & all bookstores.

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Hardbound:  ISBN: 978-1-7322607-1-9    $21.00 now    $19.00 starting May 1, 2018

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-7322607-0-2     $9.00

E-book: ISBN: 978-1-7322607-2-6         $2.99

Library of Congress Control Number:  2018904908


From Amazon Reviews: 

  • Similar to the Pendragon series (save a planet without altering its technology timeline), with more fantasy and adventure, but still an easy read for upper elementary/junior high aged kids.Crashed on a contested planet, the intrepid crew must somehow convince the locals to embrace their limited technology to join in the fight for their freedom. Following their faith, they share God’s kindness and receive it back ten-fold.


  • The plot was very interesting, and draws you in to find out what will happen on this world. Also, there is a nice ethical and moral stance that emphasizes harmony with the planet and peace above war. Even the battle scenes de-emphasize death and destruction. It’s clear that the writer has a very worthwhile moral voice and a vivid imagination.