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Currently Reading  READY PLAYER ONE,  by Ernest Cline

   I just picked this book up to read.  I wanted to read it earlier, but haven’t had the time.  However, I always challenge our “goddaughter” to read the book before going to the movies, so I thought I should read it before taking her in a couple of weeks.

It is based in a not so distant future, where the world is locked in a long recession.  The escape has become the OASIS, the online world created by James Halliday.  Halliday creates the ultimate game in searching for his hidden “Easter Egg” within the OASIS.  The winner will take all.  Wade, a poor kid who has been escaping into the OASIS from his real-world dystopia is trying like millions of others to find this treasure hidden within.

I am enjoying the book very much.  Ernest Cline is a great writer.  His combination of gaming themes and history set in this futuristic scene are truly entertaining.   I look forward to seeing the end of the book, and discovering how Wade will make it through the challenges of the OASIS, and if he can find the prize before anyone else.