The Hungering Journal

The room all around was dark, with only the glimpse of the early morning sun breaking through the old double hung windows. Silence filled the room, as dozens of textbooks and journals lay in nice neat piles on the shelf across from the windows. Further away, near the end of the shelf sat one journal, all alone.

The room had been quiet for many weeks, and the small little journal dreamed daily of what it would be like to finally be used. Would someone write the beginnings of a new novel, or maybe take notes for a great science project, perhaps it would be a collection of poems. The thoughts of the pictures or stories that would soon fill her pages filled the days of waiting with excitement.

One warm morning the lights came on, and the room around filled with children’s voices and laughter. The noise quieted, as a kind looking woman came to the front of the room, “Good morning class, I am Mrs. Jones. Today you will each get a book from the shelf, and a pick our a journal for writing your thoughts as we study together this year. So please get up and quickly get your things and return to your seats.”

The books nearby were quickly taken, and then her fellow journals were almost gone.

“Oh how I wish someone would pick me. I really want someone to write upon my blank pages,” the small little book thought.

Soon nearly all of the books were gone, and the anxiety of the little journal grew. Until finally one girl picked up the silent book from the shelf.

“Oh, boy!” the little journal thought. “Finally, I’ve been chosen. Finally, I can be used for something great.”


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