The Hunger for Fantasy & Heroes

We live in a world hungry for fantasy and superheroes.  I think throughout most of history there has been an element of hunger for these things.  We have classical stories of the Greek gods, Odysseus and Agamemnon.  The Indian Mahabharata contains great stories of battles and characters of special ability.  Closer to our modern times come the stories of the Norse gods and legends, Beowulf, and Arthur.  There is an underlying desire within our being that seeks out stories of greatness.

In today’s world Comics and the industries of Marvel, Disney, D.C., and others still build upon the themes of fantasy and seeking heroes.  The quick releases of multiple movies and stories in recent years, as well as T.V. and streaming services, seems to show that the hunger for heroes is still thriving in our world today.  Perhaps the need for heroes and fantasy thrives alongside dystopian themes, because people hunger for hope in the darkness of the world. As a writer I hope that I can help encourage people, especially young people in my writing.

The characters in my current series, The Fidelian Knights, and my first Book Dragon’s of Hyperborea is based on young a young heroes and heroines working to save themselves and others in their futuristic time.  While the elements of evil are there, I find it important to focus on the themes of hope, faith, justice, and wisdom throughout the storyline.  It makes for great storytelling, and it is what the people hunger for to fill the void and need within their hearts.

I think we all want to escape to a better place, because a little part of us wants to be in someone else’s life.  We’d all like to escape from our dull normal life to be a bit more that we.  It isn’t simply about being famous, but I believe it is about a search for significance.  People are not necessarily wanting fame, but I think they hunger for significance.  Everyone wants to feel that what they do is important to themselves and the world which we inhabit.  That’s what significance is about.  It’s about knowing that I matter in this world.

I believe many people are inspired by fantasy and heroes as they seek significance in their lives.  They don’t feel their lives matter in the bigger picture of the real world, so they escape for a time into the unreality of fantasy, heroes, and fictional hope.  Hopefully, as writers we can help them find, at least for a brief time, the escape the so desperately need.  Then maybe it can in some way help them to seek to become stronger so that they can make some significance in the real world.  That is part of the reason I write, to give hope to those who need the inspiration to keep doing and being the best in their own lives.

-Blessings on the Journey of Life

D.G. Shipton



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