Hitting the Wall

Like most of us I have hit walls stopping plans and life before.  I am sure that I will hit them again.  I currently face one of those walls that seem to slow or stop our plans, ideas, or dreams.  I have been hoping to expand my education and allow opportunity to meet our families needs better, but this dream is eluding me right now.  Debt from a past degree and tightness of finances seem to pull us down, even when things had seemed to be heading the right direction.

Now, as always we pray and seek guidance forward, as we watch.  The old saying “when doors close, look for a window.”  Walls are not permanent, and we can often find a new door or window through the circumstances.  It can be a bit unnerving going through the process, but it can be exciting to see where life will take us.  God willing, and in His help we will be better for the journey in the end.


– Keeping on the journey of life



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