Trusting God on Life’s Journey

Sunshine rustles the trees outside the classroom, where I ponder the future.  Could the plans I’ve been working on and living in for many year simply be wrong.  Where are the dreams and aspirations I once knew?  Where is the foundation of what should be a stable future?  Where will the road of this journey take me?

Sometimes when we sit and ponder our world, our work, and our plans we see that things are not as easy as they seem.  Aspirations of our lives when we are leaving high school or college may set us on a path for work that we hope will meet our needs, and be satisfying.  Yet, over time life has a way of bringing decisions and choices our way, and we find ourselves pondering the future again.

I’ve met people who thought they had it all together, and then somewhere between thirty and fifty  God allowed their entire world to change.  Jobs ended, moves came about, and they found themselves doing new things they never thought possible, and for some that they never dreamed of doing.

I’ve been writing, and over the last year have taken the plunge to get out and publish and work to publish more of my works.  It’s a scary road, putting yourself out for others to see, to criticize, to hear.  I’ve also contemplated many changes in my career choice which I find myself challenged and at odds with at times.  Should I reinvent my goals, or should I rebuild on where I have always been.

Foundations do not change, but sometimes the building must change above that solid ground.  I will not be moved in what I stand firm with-in.  Yet, I ask the clarity of the One bigger and wiser than me.  Show me clearly how and where I fit into this world, and how the talents, gifts, and calling I have fit in Your plan.  You have promised, O Lord, that you know the plans for us, and we faithfully hold on to Your guidance.  Open the doors and guide the ways.

Trusting and Living through the Journey

-D.G. Shipton


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