Convenience and Common Sense: A Humors Thought on Human Life

A visit, late last night, to a TACO BELL, left me wondering just how much a business needs to save money?  Driving down the freeway I started to eat, and realized there were no napkins included with my tacos.  It may have been an oversight.  It may have been to save a few cents by the company; however, in my day of fast-food work we gave a napkin per item.  I was glad that I always keep Kleenex in my car, so any true mess was avoided.

This started me thinking about ways see do silly things trying to do what’s convenient, trying to save a buck, thinking we’ve saved time,  and even thinking is better for us in the end.  Yet, often we miss out on common sense along the way.   We really can’t blame businesses for cutting corners when we continue to follow the hordes of people in buying and supporting things in life that often show our general lack of common sense, in pursuit of convince or what we think is good choice. So here are 5 thing right out of my random thoughts today, which I’ve observed about our crazy human lives and daily practices that leave me wondering at times.


chips-2179831_1920 1. Larger bags of chips with less inside. Old one pound sized bags of chips contain less that 12 ounces sometimes today.  Yet, we are willing to pay more because the bag looks full.

american-3105631_1920 2. A liter of pop sells for $1, while a 20 ounce soda cost $1.50 or more.  It amazes me how many times people will spend more for less, when there is something setting right next to it clearly marked.  Our fast moving convince driven world sometimes causes us to check out common sense for convince.

garbage-100203_1920 3. Grocery bags we went to plastic to protect the environment and save money.  Only now the bags are so thin we need a dozen to get a few items home from the store.  Then we find out its nearly impossible to recycle those bags and they don’t break down like the stronger paper ones.

vegetables-1815197_1920 4. We plaster organic on product and tell people to eat healthy, yet it cost $1 for a king size candy bar and $5 for organic carrots.  Most people miss out on what organic really is.  By the way watching someone pay $7 for Organic enhanced eggs made me wonder who was kidding who.  You can’t enhance organic food, its supposed to be grown naturally.  Yet, we buy what we think the label is selling all the time.

lawnmower-384589_19205. We add fertilizer to our lawns to make them grow only to turn around and cut it every four or five days.

Never say that we as humans are not a complicated and even at times a silly species. But, if it wasn’t for our strange actions and quirks I guess we story tellers wouldn’t be able to fill all those books, blogs, and magazine either.

Have a great day, and take time to laugh at yourself along the way.



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