ready player one

Written by Ernest Cline

Genre: Fiction/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller/ Young Adult

My rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ 5 Diamonds.

Age Content Notes: 14+ Written for adults and older teens. Contains some adult themes and language.

I mentioned, about a week ago, that I was reading READY PLAYER ONE, by Ernest Cline. I have to say it was an easy book to keep reading, as it draws you into the story. It has many classic themes of good verses evil, or the small fighting against the giants. It also has, as other reviews have said that WILLY WONKA style, for a more adult crowd.

I believe Ernst Cline has written a book that really can draw most young-adults in, and really most peoplle under fifty would be entertained. There are elements of the eighties through today in the Story. It also contains a lot of gaming, mystery, action, and adventure. The draw of the internet generation and possibilities are the basis, but it is a great read for anyone who likes thrillers.

I look forward to seeing the movie, which opens up this weekend. It will be great to see how Spielberg interprets the story, which was made for the big screen.

-D. G. Shipton


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