Preparing to Look For an Agent

This week I’ve begun a new part of my writing. I have been busy since November, finishing my story “FOREST OF AZTALAN”. This book is geared toward middle grade or young adult. I self published my first book, “DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA”, last July through Create Space and Amazon Kindle Select.

Now that I am finished with a book that is not part of my “Fidelian Knight’s Series”, and have experienced the difficulties of promotion and feeling a bit alone, while self publishing. I think it is time to seek some outside help in the process, beyond friends and family. I do appreciate those of you still helping with editing and first reading. I’ll still need that help along the way, as I work on my next “Fidelian Knight Series” book, “AVALON ONE”, currently in process.

I’ll appreciate the prayers and hope sent my way as I started sending out query letters to agents today.

Thanks again to all who have reviewed my books on Amazon, those who help along the way with editing, and those who have encouraged me so far along the way.

#DragonsofHyperborea #FidelianKnightSeries #ForestofAztalan #DGShipton


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