From the First Chapter of “DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA”

Here is an excerpt from my novel Dragons of Hyperborea:


So, what was that about dragons?” the woman beside the boy asked again, as Halie walked closer to them.

“It is a line from a story found in the library at the Abbey, back on Avalon One.  It tells of a lost land where dragons flew from a mountain cave.  Dragons threatened the villagers who lived below.  Dragons destroyed their crops and their fishing, so they called dragon slayers to help them. The dragon slayers were promised riches, and even the hand of princesses in marriage if they could slay the dragons bringing peace to the land.”

Halie continued staring at the entrance where she had been standing as she recited more of the poem,

“Beware of the bones near the entrance there.

They warn of the den of the dragon’s lair.

Their fire burns the village down.

When they fly don’t be around.

For they devour our sheep and goats.

And destroy our fishing boats.

So, run and hide, but don’t go in.

The bones of the slayers have found their end.”

  “I think I remember reading that in some of the ancient stories from my childhood.  There were stories of dragons taking the princess, and knights in shining armor coming to their aide,” the dark-haired woman said.


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