Looking for Advice on Adding Text messages into my Current Work


I am seeking both writers,  and maybe even more readers thoughts on how to add text messages into my story.  I am currently working on a story about a family of explorers.  The middle school girl in the story texts her friends off and on in the story.

I am finding that there is no standard for writing texts into fiction, as of yet.  So I am including how a passage from the story is going I would appreciate thoughts on my depiction of such conversations.


The Following is from a current work:  FOREST OF AZTALAN


Would we find what we were looking for in the North Woods?  Only time could answer that question.  I was sure my summer would be anything but boring summer on the Grand’s farm.  My love for the Grand’s is strong, but I was looking forward to all the fun that my parents and I could have.  Besides, I love camping and I was looking forward to camping out, hiking, and fishing with my dad and mom.  I was also hoping we’d find the lost temple and at the treasure too.

I couldn’t go to be that night without texting my best friend Emily:


          Hey Em.


          You’ll never guess?   I couldn’t wait to tell her about our trip.  I had to tell someone.

                                                No. What?

          I’m not staying with the Grands this summer.

                                                Why?  I thought you were going to be there all summer again.

         Going to spend the summer with my parents.

                                                Where? Are they in South America again?

       Camping and looking for treasure in the Northern Mid-west.

                                                So, no boring summer.

      No.  It’ll be cool. Not only a treasure hunt, but fishing with my dad too.

                                                Sounds awesome.


                                                Have fun.



Thanks for any feed back you can give.

#ForestOfAztalan   #Writing


Keep living, keep writing,

D.G. Shipton




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