Marketing, Promoting, and the Joy of Self-Publishing



I am two weeks from the release of my book, “Dragons of Hyperborea” .  I am learning quickly that reading the dozen or so books on marketing and promoting my book has been helpful.  Our first and easiest promotion today is through Social Media.  However, you have to have a following, before you get started.  You have to encourage family and friends to help you promote your book, by sharing your promotions on their own.

I have to say on one hand I have been able to see several copies of my book downloaded, a few were even purchased, which is always great.  I have seen some of my friends and family sharing the book promo’s, and I am very grateful to them for this.

I have also used low cost marketing on Amazon and on Facebook to help promote the book and a couple of articles of advertising for my book.

I am learning that there is cost to self-publishing and promoting your own work.  This includes cost of advertising, which while keeping low, still has cost to my wallet.  I also am learning that some traditional methods are going to need to follow, such as finding places online, and in other media to get interviews or book reviews.  To do this means purchasing and sending copies of the book. I am getting ready for this secondary level of promotion in the next week.

I remain hopeful.  We as authors want to have our books read, and promoting it is the only way people will learn we have a book in a market filled with thousands of new books.


Keep telling your story,

D.G. Shipton


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