Mini-Vaction in Grand Haven, Michigan

We took a mini-vaction, for two days in the Grand Haven, Michigan area.  We were looking to find some relaxation, and spend some time at Lake Michigan.  The weather started out with rain, and ended with rain on the drive home.  However, the weather while we were there was very nice. 

I managed to find a compromise between my wonderful wife who doesn’t like camping and our “goddaughter” who wanted to go camping, by staying at the Allendale KOA.  The campground was very quiet, and had some fun things for families to do.  The girls liked playing in the pool, on the jump pad, paintball, and horseshoes. By the end of the two-and-a-half days everyone said we should do it again sometime. 

We met up with my parents, and sister and her grandkids at the beach in Grand Haven.  I would highly recommend driving just past the State Park to the city Beach in Grand Haven.  The beach is very clean and large enough to find a lot of room to play in the water and build a sandcastle.  We had a great time playing in the waves of Lake Michigan, and picnicing on the beach.  The second day we hiked back to the beach at Rosy Mound.  If you like a walk through the woods to a more remote beach it is a good place to go.  I would warn you there are about four hundred steps to go up and down to get to and from the beach, so keep it in mind if you can’t do steps well. 

It was great to get away from the everyday, and relax in the outdoors.  We got a little sunburn, and few mosquito bites, but then it wouldn’t be camping with out them. I am a bit more refreshed, and I needed the break for a few days.  We jumped right back into work on Wednesday eveinging, but I am still feeling the energy from the much need break.

I would recommend everyone to take a break from the ordinary, and get refreshed. If your looking for a good place in the Mid-West stop in the Grand Haven area and enjoy the Lake Michigan Shoreline. 


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