Printing Decisions For Your Book

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I am only about a week away from releasing my first book.  I have spent over two years preparing and researching as I continued to write.  I shared in an earlier post (  that I had decided to publish using both print and e-book format.  This way it gives the choices that people personally prefer.

Since I would be printing my book, I would need to find the right printer.  I studied the internet and found many sites claiming to help you publish.  Many I have discovered run with a less than ethical performance, as make promises with an extremely high cost.  Buyer beware if things sound too good to be true, they likely are.

I soon began narrowing my research down to a few sites that offer Print on Demand.  This, along with most self-publishing options, has grown and developed quite a lot over the past few years.  Print on Demand delivers books as people order them, and the book.  The quality of this type of printing is very nicely done, and I found many positive reviews.

I studied the top two Print on Demand sources: Createspace and Ingram (Lightning Source).  Both offer very quick turnover, and a lot of positive reviews.  Many reviews that I read have encouraged using both sources.  A few years ago this was due to the fact that many thought that Createspace competitor Barnes and Noble was not open to carrying Createspace books.  However, I have found through research and checking on authors that once your book is listed in Createspace it is placed on Ingram, the main distribution source for all books.  That means that this issue isn’t really that important.

What I have found is that Createspace will give you a free ISBN number, or you can buy one to use everywhere for $99.  If you go with Ingram, you will need to purchase your own ISBN.  In time I am planning to purchase additional ISBN numbers for hardbound editions of my paperback.  When I do this I plan to use Ingram.  The ease and lower cost of Createspace has given me the opportunity to get my book into print form.  After receiving my proof copies from Createspace I was very impressed with the quality.  It is a well bound paperback, and by working with guidance found on their website and through the Createspace community the process was actually very easy.

I look forward to seeing just how my book sells, when I Officially release it.  I am taking time to review the proof copy, and I started a pre-order e-book sale on Amazon Kindle Direct.  Part of the reason for setting the pre-order date about a month out was to keep me on task with final editing and preparations.

It was a joy to see the first print copies, and I have found a few errors I need to correct, but the process is going well so far.  Now I look forward to moving into the final process in the next few days.  The rest will be up to marketing, and promotion.  The game continues then until the end.

Good day and good writing of your stories.

-D.G. Shipton

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