Where Do You Get All Those Weird Names?

fidelian coat of arms color
Fidelian Knights Coat of Arms (from Dragons of Hyperborea)

I gave a copy of my book to a friend to help me edit and give a review. A few days later came up to me and asked me, “Where do you get all these names. Varangians, Hyperborea, Fidelian Knights, and other strange names. Do they just come to you or what?”
I had to respond that sometimes the names. However, I showed him that the names he was referencing were from history and mythology. I chose some of the names for my book “Dragons of Hyperborea” with great thought and purpose.
First, Hyperborea. In the Greek mythology, they are a race of people from beyond the north wind. It was a place untouched by war, and filled with mystery. I came across this and thought it fit the peaceful planet setting of my book.
I liked the name Varagians, and it comes from an old Norse elite group of mercenaries used by the Russians to keep control of Russia at one time in history. I found the idea of a futuristic group of mercenaries being named after a past elite group a very good concept. We are told after all “that there is nothing new under the sun.” Many of our ideas are simply reinvented ideas and thoughts.
The Fidelian Knights, which this series of books is based upon came from the idea of knights being faithful to their order and their traditions. Fidelian, is simply a play off of the the Latin term of faith. Therefore, “Fidelian Knights”. It only made sense to play off of the tradions of faithful knights of the past, in this futuristic story.
Names of people, places, and things flow from a variety of places. Sometimes from existing things, other times just out of the imagination. I keep writing and will as ideas and thoughts come to me.

Keep writing. Keep sharing your stories.
– D.G. Shipton

front cover 300

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