Is Print Dying? Where should An Author Publish Their Work?


In the publishing  market most of us realize that e-books are outselling print books.  The truth is that Amazon’s Kindle leads the markets by leaps and bounds over all other venues of sales.  Apple I-books and Nook are in the market, but Amazon Kindle still leads the way.  Then one must ask the ultimate question when publishing, do I even take up with traditional book publishing.

The truth is that thousands of books are released through e-book sales.  I have been studying for over four years, as I prepared for my first book release.  I debated about going with the simple and easy route of simply signing up for Kindle Select.  Then my book would be in the biggest market.  However, I have chosen to release the book in paper format too.  The reason that I have done this is that I personally know many avid readers, most of whom prefer to hold a book in their hand.

Many of the readers I know, myself included, have many e-books.  They like the convenience and portability of the e-books.  However, they still like the feel and the reduced strain on the eye of paper print copy.  I work around kids in school settings and many adults who read and overall most still prefer to hold a book in the hand.

So, for me the decision was never either e-book or print.  The decision has always been both.  I’ll share more about which choices I came to soon.


Keep writing and sharing your stories.

D.G. Shipton

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