Sharing Your Story in The Wide-Open Publishing Market

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The writing market is exploding these days.  There are still hundred of traditional publishing houses, and each one discovers a handful of new authors every year.  The self-publishing market is exploding with Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Publishing, Createspace, Ingram, Book Baby, and so many other avenues for people to get their stories and ideas out it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to do.   We all know that there are never any promises of great riches or fame, but then again that isn’t why most authors write.  We write to share our story with others.

If the traditional market hasn’t opened easily many of us choose to seek the self-publishing route.  I have to admit I have had my own fears, as I have stepped into this path.  I wondered if it would be a way to be taken serious, and I realize that many traditional publisher are still trying to belittle the self-published authors.  Yet, there are some company’s that are actually scouring the e-book and print book sales of self-publishers, so they can find the new rising stars in the writing world.

In some ways self-publishing is starting to become another avenue for getting discovered.  One must prove that they can create an audience, by doing the leg work to build your own product up.  Then just maybe you can be accepted in the traditional publishing world.

I am only days away from my first book release.  Do I expect to be the next rising star?  I don’t know.  Do I hope to share my story, and hope my story can bless others with entertainment.  Absolutely.  It has been an exciting journey.  Today, I don’t see the publishing world as merely traditional and self-publishing.  I see it as a wide open market where everyone is trying to share their ideas and catch the eye and attention of others.

I’ll keep sharing my journey over the process, and who knows maybe someone will enjoy the stories I write enough to share with others, and then my joy will be fulfilled.  Sharing the story is after all the joy of writing.

So, for now keep writing and keep sharing your stories.

D.G. Shipton

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