Edit, Edit, Edit Print

I have been editing a story, Dragons of Hyperborea, which I finished over a year ago.  I gave it the old Microsoft Word edit then.  I went over it with Grammarly several months ago.  Then I placed it in the drawer of my cyber filing cabinet on Dropbox since then.  I pulled it off out of the cyber file.   About two months ago, I decided to take the plunge and submit it to a publisher.  I have had my share of rejections over the years, so I wasn’t surprised to be rejected.  This story would be a hard sell since it’s a new genre of Christian Science fiction.  The majority of the novels in the genre that appear on Amazon, are self-published.

After waiting the required amount of time to hear from the current publisher, I decided to self-publish my book, Dragons of Hyperborea.   I’ll share some of this experience as I go along over the next few weeks leading to publishing my story. Deciding to self-publish means I don’t have the advantage of a publishing companies editing staff.  The cost of hiring editors would be over $1500.  This deterred me from hiring the professionals.

The process began, and I soon found a wonderful new tool, Prowritingaid.  It only cost me $40 for the year, but it shredded my writing.  Being far more familiar with Grammarly I was surprised to learn so much about my writing.Prowritingaid gives you not only grammar helps, but can tell you when you are using pronouns and adverbs in incorrect ways.  It also can tell you the approximate age level your writing is appealing to.  This helps in novel writing since you might write to young adults or another age that you would need to check.   It does a lot more too.  I’m not getting any endorsement for the product, but am very impressed with it.

After the process of tearing apart my story in such a strong way I moved on.  The next step was to run my book through a text-to-speech program and edited as I listened.  One thing many people forget in writing is to be sure it sounds right.  This process led to dozens of corrections as sentence structures showed to need work.

Now,  the book is in another stage of editing.  I have several people reading my book.  First, is my wonderful and supportive wife.  I also, have a man from my church, who is doing the cover design reading it.  A few close friends are have copies to review.   My sister, also has a copy to review.

So, what am I doing now, as I wait for the editing process?  I am working to figure out the ins and outs of self-publishing on Createspace and Ingram.  I’ll share more on that another time, though.

I encourage you to edit, edit, edit.  If you think the story is ready.  Set it aside and then when you pull it out edit again.  Share the process with your trusted friends  and family who will help to give you good honest opinion.Good luck and blessings as you work on your writing journey.


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