What Prompts You to Write

By D.G. Shipton


What inspires a person to write varies as much as their are writers.  What inspires on may not inspire others.  However, I will the top five things that inspire me to write.

  1. My Photography Hobby:  I enjoy taking pictures when we travel, and around daily life.  Sometimes when I can’t get motivated to write I pull up some of my photo’s from my Shutterfly account and let the creativity flow.
  2. My Faith:  I write a devotional Blog, which flows from some of my personal devotional and prayer times, as well as my sermon preparations.  Out of personal inspiration from Scripture and faith I pass my thoughts on to others.
  3. From my family and friends: stories, activities together, and interests shared have often inspired me to write a story.
  4. My work :  I write a blog, in which I pass on knowledge gained through experience to others.  Much of this is personal stories of what I have seen work or not work in my own job.
  5. Photo’s from others:  Sometimes seeing a picture in a news article, magazine,  or other places inspire me to write as well.

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