Waiting and Working

I am no different than most people, I don’t like to wait.  Yet, in writing waiting is often a big part of the publishing side of things.  We submit and then we wait.  Some publishers respond within days or weeks, but even in our fast passed world I find others can still take months.  It is a bit frustrating to send something off into the cyber world and then wait for any indication that someone has at least received it.  Thankfully most publishers have some sort of quick response to let you know they at least have received your writing.

So, what do I do in the meantime?  I continue to write.  I continue to read.  I continue to find times to let my mind grow and imagine.  The writing process continues, even in the waiting times.

Keep writing.  Keep trying.  And, one day you might see your name on an article, story, or book.


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