A New Adventure in Writing Begins

I’ve heard it said, ‘A writer writes whether paid or not.’  I also know that in our growing world of self publishers and blogs, the market is flooded with authors trying to make their way.  Some try to discourage us by pointing out that only truly published authors, from reputable or known publishers qualify to claim to be writers. Others seem more encouraging, as they point out that any sale, selfpublished or through a publisher qualifies.

So, what about the rest of us?  Those of us with passion and ideas filling our minds.  Those of us who just can’t wait to take the stark white paper, and paint pictures with words and idea.  We take on the challenge of moving that blinking cursor across the blank screens of our lap tops and tablets.  Where do we go to get the story out?  When do we become the writers we were meant to be?

To day is my day.  The day I admit, whether I sell anything or not I am a writer.  I’ve heard that Stephen King said “Writting is a job.”  Like any other job I believe it takes dedication and work.

It’s scary letting your creation loose to a world, but here and now I do this very thing.  I begin to release some of my stories for the world to see.

I have been a hobby writer since I was a pre-order.  I began in the past few years to enter contests on Writers.com, and to submit stories to publishers.  I have won one minor contest, and been turned down by many for stories not fitting a publishers current need.  I will now leave some stories here to let others see, and share in my journey.


2 thoughts on “A New Adventure in Writing Begins

  1. I think there are people who write things (students write things all the time) and then there are writers. They are not the same thing. A person who writes things are often told to do so, they are told what to write, and they are mostly concerned with putting proper words in proper order to fill a request. Writers, on the other hand, are a whole different beast. When a writer takes a sip of coffee, they think “Hmm, I wonder what kind of coffee my main character likes?” When a writer gets into a argument with someone, they are secretly thinking “this argument would work great in scene 5 of the second story arch”. When a writer suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night it’s not because of a nightmare, it’s because they just had a stroke of inspiration for their story and they need to write it down before they forget it. Writers are storytellers, and stories are always on their minds and follow a writer whatever they are doing. Being published by a big name publisher or even being paid for writing has nothing to do with it. It’s just a nice perk for your hard work.


    1. dgshipton

      Thank you for sharing. I agree fully with you. An author is always writing, from every part of their life. Paychecks meet bills, but they can limit the creativity if that’s all we worry about.

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